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本文摘要:The jury in that case ruled that 26 Samsungs products violated six Apple patents and awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. 在那个案子中,陪审团判断三星的26款产品侵害了苹果六项专利,裁决三星赔偿金苹果损失10.5亿美元。


The jury in that case ruled that 26 Samsungs products violated six Apple patents and awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. 在那个案子中,陪审团判断三星的26款产品侵害了苹果六项专利,裁决三星赔偿金苹果损失10.5亿美元。But the judge in the case, Lucy Koh, later denied Apples request to ban the sale of the 26 products. Judge Koh ruled that Apple didnt satisfactorily link any harm it may have suffered in the market to Samsungs infringement. Apple is appealing that ruling. 但该案中的法官科赫(Lucy Koh)后来上诉了苹果明确提出的禁令销售三星26款产品的催促。科赫裁决,苹果在市场上有可能遭到的伤害与三星侵权行为之间的关系无罪。

周五美国联邦巡回演唱裁决法院审理的正是苹果对那次判决明确提出的裁决。Since then, Samsung has stopped selling many of those 26 products. But the case still has big ramifications, legal experts say, because the Federal Circuit could drastically redefine whether─or when─companies should be able to knock competitors products off the shelves after findings of infringement. 此后,三星暂停销售因涉嫌侵权行为的26款产品中的很多产品。但法律专家们说道,该案仍将产生极大影响,因为美国联邦巡回演唱裁决法院有可能从相当大程度上新的界定在胜诉公司判处侵权行为后,胜诉公司否或何时应当需要看见竞争对手的产品下架。

The appeal is really about how hard will it be for Apple to get injunctions in future cases, said Brian Love , a patent expert and law professor at Santa Clara University. 专利专家、圣克拉拉大学(Santa Clara University)法学教授勒夫(Brian Love)说道,这次裁决实质上牵涉到苹果在未来案件中谋求法院收到停售令其的可玩性。If the law tilts in its favor, their bargaining power goes up in future cases, he said. Mr. Love said Apple would gain leverage in a second suit brought in San Jose federal court, involving a set of newer Samsung phones. 他说道,如果这次法律向不利于他们的一旁弯曲,他们在未来的案件中讨价还价的能力将不会强化。

勒夫说道,如果这次苹果胜诉,它将在向圣何塞联邦法院驳回的另外一桩诉讼案中取得优势,那个案子牵涉到到一系列改版款的三星手机。Apple filed claims against Samsung at the ITC in 2011, claiming that the companys products infringed several patents. An ITC judge agreed with Apple with regard to four patents, one of which relates to the basic design of the iPhone as a handheld rectangle with rounded corners. 2011年,苹果在国际贸易委员会对三星明确提出控告,称之为三星的产品侵害了苹果的多项专利。

一位国际贸易委员会的法官最后确认三星侵害了苹果的四项专利,其中一项与iPhone长方形带上圆角的基本设计有关。On Friday, the full commission is slated to unveil its review of the case. 周五,国际贸易委员会将对该案作出判决。

A broad finding of infringement could halt U.S. imports of some Samsung devices and, as Samsungs lawyers wrote in a June filing, create an immediate and long-lasting shortfall in the availability of mobile devices in the U.S. market. 如果判决三星侵害苹果多项专利,则有可能令其部分三星设备无法被进口到美国,正如三星律师在6月份递交给法院的备案文件中写到的,这将使美国移动设备市场立刻经常出现长久的产品紧缺问题。



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